Dancing Bear

You are invited to join in a secret dance with the bear. Conspiracy becomes truth.

Charlie welcomes audiences to their first ever Dancing Bear Meeting. With a burner phone in hand and a few simple instructions, what is intended to be an exciting initiation is derailed by the arrival of an unexpected guest. A fast paced and light hearted public event, Dancing Bear explores how the desire for belonging and inclusivity are drowned out when the one person you wish had stayed at home shows up.

Join us at Dancing Bear, a “semi-secret” theatre event made for public squares, where conspiracy becomes truth and truth becomes something that can be found in the streets of Parramatta.

Access Info
This production takes place outdoors, via handheld electronic devices and headphones that will be provided to you upon arrival. Audience will be asked to move around Parramatta Square multiple times during the performance, covering under 0.5km during the performance. There is no reserved seating, however at points during the production there are public seating options available. The production is guided, with support staff available at all points during the performance.

Dancing Bear finished a limited preview season in early 2024.
Parramatta Square
50 minutes
Creative Team:
Creator Nick Atkins
Actor & Devisor Challito Browne
Actor & Devisor Kate Worsley
Dramaturg & Devisor Monikka Eliah
Creative Technologist Robert Polmear
Collaborating Artists Katrina Douglas & Lily Hayman
Production Assistants Nick Vagne
Dancing Bear has been supported by City of Parramatta, Create NSW and Creative Australia
For more information about the development and production of Dancing Bear contact us.
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