Green Thumb

A strange weed has been growing around the campus.

It’s a green thing with a bulb in the middle. It’s growing off doors and poles, behind lockers and from ceilings. People are acting like it’s normal but it’s not.

Green Thumb was a new experience co-designed by students at Parramatta Marist High. Audiences were invited to explore the school campus in search of mysterious weeds to help stop the spread before the weeds engulf the school. Students worked with our team over 7 x weeks to dream up the concept and execute a final outcome as part of the schools Illumination Festival. The run time of the experience is about 5 – 10 minutes run continuously for an hour and a half. “It’s actually good” – Review, Yr 9 Student

8 September, 2023
Parramatta Marist High
Creative Team:
Green Thumb was created by STEM and Performing Arts students at Parramatta High with the support of the Operated Coin team
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