Wigram St

Take a walk down Wigram St. Listen a little closer.

Who makes the food? Who is running the weekly dance class? Who are the people passing through on their way home from work?

Wigram St shares stories from people that call Harris Park home. Mixing location-based audio and AR, this new shared experience offers up a 15 – 30 minute immersive dive into the world of Harris Park.

Based on interviews led by intercultural theatre maker Neel Banerjee and design by Nick Atkins and Robert Polmear, Wigram St is a plug and play experience that can be accessed on demand. All you need is your phone, a set of headphones and a window of time.

Wigram St is made for locals and people that might be making their first trip to the area. We recommend leaving time to grab some food too.

How does it work?
Wigram St is an on demand experience. To access the experience click on the link at the top of this page or search for ‘Wigram St’ via the App Store on your iOS device.

After you download the application, travel to Wigram St, Harris Park.

We recommend starting the experience at SweetLand Patisserie, 55 Wigram St, Harris Park.

*Wigram St is currently only available to iOS users.

Wigram St, Harris Park – We recommend starting at SweetLand Patisserie, 55 Wigram St, Harris Park
Creative team:
Editor Neel Banerjee
Producer & Developer Nick Atkins
Designer & Developer Robert Polmear
Stories by Michael, Hari, Jill, Manni, Anthony, Sushila & Patrick
Wigram St is supported by City of Parramatta.
For more information about the development and production of Wigram St contact us.
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